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Connections, connections...

With preliminary tests complete, we are pleased with the performance of our first prototype Plastivore.

The boat is functioning well under remote control, proving to be very agile and able to hold its position on the water even in gusty conditions.

Using Tower software based on a mobile phone, the boat was able to follow a route of pre-determined waypoints.

Our objective over the next two weeks is to improve the range of the signal between the boat and the Tower software, which will allow the boat to operate further from shore.


We have also been testing a new sonar device called Fish Hunter Directional 3D.

Fitted with 5 tri-frequency transducers, the sonar device allows us to see the contours of the seabed and to measure the depth of the water. This will help us to detect plastic debris and marine life when fitted to the Plastivore.

Testing the Fish Hunter in the marina

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