December 4, 2017

Having tackled the north to south crossing of the Atlantic from Greenland to the Azores, we arrived on Ile de Flores Island in August 2017 with our two Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs), Hektor and Igor. The aim of the second part of the expedition was to investigate...

August 17, 2017

Nous explorons le Groënland avec un drone marin! 

Reykjavik, Islande 

Le 22 juillet, l'équipe de Coba 2 et Igor, le drone marin, retrouvèrent Thomas et son bateau d'acier « Le Paladin » en Islande. Le Paladin allait être notre maison pendant les trois prochaines semaines...

August 16, 2017

Reykjavik, Iceland 

On the 22nd July the COBA 2 team and Igor, the marine drone, met up again with Thomas and his steel sailing boat 'Le Paladin' in Iceland. 'Le Paladin' was to be our home for the next three weeks during our exploration of Greenland....

June 28, 2017

Now able to autonomously travel around the entire lake by following a set of waypoints, 

we added a new depth sensor onboard Hektor, our autonomous and auto-sufficient marine drone. 

Our first few outings produced a fairly simple depth chart: 

 However rece...

May 10, 2017

Over the past few months we have been making great progress with 'Les Plastivores', our innovative, autonomous boats which are designed to aid environmental protection. 

The last six weeks in particular have seen our latest prototype - named Hector - ripen to...

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COBA 2’s marine drones on the hunt for marine litter in the Azores Archipelago

December 4, 2017

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Développer des solutions novatrices pour combattre la pollution MARINE !

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